Meteorological Parachutes (Payload 900g)


In spite of the light weight of the parachute types an exceptionally high tensile strength has been achieved. They function even under extreme temperature conditions (-80 - + 50º).

The environmentally sound material does not absorb any moisture. Tensile strength and opening are not impaired, even when completely wet. The conspicuous red canopy contributes both to air safety and to the number of radiosondes recovered.

Use of single packs facilitates handling and prevents crossing of the shroud lines.

The rate of decesnt of the PC parachutes
depends on the altitude.

Loading = radiosonde + target + residual balloon envelope

Technical data
UV-stabilized PE-foil, 0,03mm
Signal color reddish orange
Weight with spacing ring
34 g
Parachute area
Ca. 1,0 m²
Rate of descent
3,9 m/s
Temperature range
-80 - + 50º


• Low total weight
• High tensile strength and overall carrying capacity
• Resistance to extreme temperatures
• Functional reliability
• Easy handling
• Environmental soundness

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