We are pleased to announce our "talking" ELT, capable of transmitting your aircrafts "N" number and location - to search and rescue personnel (when interfaced to a LORAN or GPS receiver). We offer models that meet TSO C91a, C126 and COSPAS/SARSAT specifications for use with 406 MHz satellite transmissions.

ELT'S ARE MODULAR and UPGRADABLE. All ELT'S are created from the basic model 110-4. That means that your ELT can have features added as your needs expand and grow - all the way up to the powerful ELT 110-406.

WE OFFER A FULL LINE of ELT's for applications from light aircraft to helicopters to large commercial jets.

WE OFFER SUPERIOR QUALITY. With our 100% testing and "burn-in" procedures, insures that your ELT will perform when needed. Don't bet your life on anything less than quality!

ELT WORK WITH MANY ANTENNA models. This provides a great degree of flexibility to the installer and the aircraft owner whenever outfitting a new aircraft or upgrading an older one with a new ELT.