ELT/EPIRB's for Search & Rescue


The Satellite 406 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Transmitter is a highly efficient emergency rescue notification device used by the World's leading search and rescue agencies. Caravan is proud to be able to offer this life saving product which is hydrostatically released if a vessel sinks to approximately 13 ft (4m).
A water sensor automatically activates signal transmission if released into water. The unit is self-buoyant and its high impact case is designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, oil, sea water and raft packing.
With a five-year limited warranty and five-year replacement life (10-year useful life) lithium battery, the manually deployable 406 is one of the best EPIRBs available today.

Radio Antena grande - The AN/ PRC-106 Para-military transceiver transmits and receives voice communications and signal beacon on 121.5 Mhz (civilian) and 243.0 Mhz (military) SAR frequencies. The rugged cast aluminum case is sea water and shock resistant; has been proven reliable under adverse real life conditions - water immersant up to 50 ft (15.2 m) for 5 minutes, to 2 ft (.61 m) for 24 hours. The unit will transmit at up to 40,000 ft (12.9 km) altitude, and from -30oC to +50oC.
A separate earphone is supplied for quiet operation; earphone storage bag attaches to wrist strap. Flexible whip antenna is Omni-directional, vertically polarized and of half-wave length at 243.0 Mhz for maximum range and efficiency. Operating life - 18 hours nominal usage.

Sea shelder - The SeaShelter Bracket has become a major component of one of the most trusted emergency distress signaling products in the world, the ELT-406 (shown above) . Designed to withstand extremely abusive environments from the arctic to the tropics the Sea Shelter has earned a reputation for safety, reliability and high performance even under the most extreme conditions.
An aluminum manual release tab resists corrosion even throughout long periods of exposure to sea-borne elements. With a 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) thick, reinforced, heavy duty fiberglass construction this bracket is ideal for use in fishing, petro-chemical, freighter, salvage or any other marine application where harsh conditions exist.