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since its founding in 1963, is servicing Government and Private authorities involved in High-tech Communication and all kinds of parts and equipment. The continuous demands from all parts of the world for the most heterogeneous requirements have not permitted a narrow specialization. Customers preferred to centralize their requirements and reduce the number of suppliers, once they verified Caravan's competitiveness, speed and precision in deliveries.

Today Caravan International Corporation is a regular contractor to 28 governments and supplier to many more, of a wide range of the latest State-Of-The-Art Aerospace Material. Our supply capabilities are, among others but not limited to:

• Electronic installations, devices and components
• Avionics
• Ground support engines & airframe parts
• Safety and survival
• Radar
• Displays & indicators
• Communications
• Pilot's & equipment
• Airport equipment
• Training & test equipment
• Aerostat’s
• Threat detection / security systems

Besides representing leading U.S. manufacturers, CARAVAN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is also an exporter on its own account, guaranteeing his clients a full one-source service for most of their requirements.

We invite you to browse through our website at http://www.caravan-ny.com. Should you ever desire to discuss this further, we are available at your convenience. Should you desire to communicate via e-mail, we can be reached at caravan@caravan-ny.com

Why choose CARAVAN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION for your C-130 requirements?

• Lowest Acquisition Costs
• Fastest turn-around times
• Widest variety of Products
• Highest Quality Products
• Latest Specifications
• ISO 9001:2008 Certification
• Legendary reliability
• United States Air Force approved manufacturers
• One Stop source available for various projects
• Fast, Efficient, and Attentive Customer Service
• Ability to handle special requirements
• Special solutions available for unusual or extraordinary situations
• Minimal bureaucratic delays